What Are The Safest Hosting Options?

If you are boosting your website or online store with WordPress, one of the safest and most profitable options will be a managed server. These types of services are usually responsible for the security and configuration of your website instead of you doing it. These have anti-hack protocols and add-ons specific to the WordPress framework.

If you are not using WordPress, there are some additional security services that you can obtain with larger (and more expensive) hosting packages, such as additional technical service, anti-DDoS security systems, anti-malware, services such as SiteLock or CDN such as Cloudflare.

If your website falls for a long time or too often

The hosting of your website should offer enough bandwidth for the page loading speed and server uptime.

I have had to analyze an online store that had hired a shared hosting service, and after an analysis of the frequency of falls and offline times, I have concluded that the estimated losses had reached € 150 per hour! After this bad experience, they have had to change their plans necessarily.

How to choose the best web hosting for SEO?

So now, you know that the type of hosting on which you place your website can benefit or hinder your SEO positioning depending on the speed of the site, security, and downtime (falls).

These services are popular because they are usually low cost or have marketing strategies that attract attention so that the vast majority hires them.

You must carefully compare each hosting plan and each company to know if they cover the needs you have in your project. You can also look for reviews and analyzes that other people have done on these services to make a more informed decision.